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SearchLight DBSA
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SEARCHLIGHT Description Based Spend Analysis

SearchLight is an innovative software package designed to help organisations take control of, and reduce their inbound supply chain costs. It helps procurement teams to quickly identify sourcing opportunities, maximise negotiating leverage and monitor contract compliance.

SearchLight provides a single view of all business transactions by combining purchase order and direct payment information from all systems and divisions within the business.

SearchLight is able to categorise and analyse expenditure based on low quality free-text descriptions. SearchLight includes data cleaning and harmonisation tools. There is no need to first clean the input data prior to using SearchLight.

SearchLight will enable your procurement team to quickly:

  • Identify savings
  • Manage contract and process compliance
  • Develop a comprehensive procurement strategy
  • Measure minority expenditure
  • Analyse Free-Text Spend
  • Ensure that your organisation gains the maximum benefit from your Data Warehouse, ERP, and eProcurement systems
Feature Benefit
Description Based
Combines data from multiple sources

Does not need good information to work

Includes structured and unstructured information in analysis

Improve effectiveness and procurement systems
Add frequently purchased items to catalogue or remove duplicate items from catalogue
Description Matching Reduce W/O and delay purchases
Identify Free-Text purchase order where stock item should have been used. This delays purchases until stocks have been depleted and reduces the risk of inventory write-off.

Improve contract compliance
Identify Free-text purchase order where stock item should have been used and there is a contract in place.

Improve BEE expenditure
Identify purchases from non-BEE suppliers that could have been made from existing BEE suppliers

Identify Quick Wins
Identify transaction where we buy the same thin at different prices

Identify Duplicate Vendors
Identify Vendors that are registered more than once
Expert Analysis Develop Sourcing Groups
Shape spend categorise in order to best match the supplier market and maximize leverage

Item Analysis
Calculate Spend and Savings potential for a particular item

SearchLight Contract Control Centre provides a platform for organisations to store and retrieve all contract related documentation, create, manage and automatically trigger contract tasks, measure contract compliance and report on the health of the contract management process.


SearchLight Contract Control Centre will help:

  • Your contract management team will be able to easily store and retrieve contract documentation
  • You will know in advance which contracts are about to expire
  • You will be able to assign contract tasks to members of your team
  • You will know when your contracts are not used properly (non-compliance reports)
  • You will know which tasks are overdue
Feature Benefit
Central Place to Store Contract Documents Your contract management team will be able to easily store and retrieve contract documentation.Backup and disaster recovery easier to manage.
Create and manage contract tasks
• Tasks are allocated to individuals with reminder and completion dates
• Tasks can be linked to triggers based on (Expiry date, value spent etc)
Reduce risk of not administering contracts properly. The management team will know what contract tasks are outstanding. The implementation team will receive notifications when they need to start or complete each contract task
Measure Contract Compliance
• Wrong vendor used
• Wrong price paid
• Free-Text when a material number should have been used
Make sure that contracts are properly implemented and used properly.
• Save money
• Reduce risk
Audit trail of contract changes Know who changed what and when for audit compliance
History of contract pricing Understand price trends Capture supporting documentation during a price amendment.
Contract Control health check Implementation Health-Check
• Which contracts do not have supporting documentation?
• Which contracts have many wrong price paid or wrong vendor used transactions associated with them?
• Which contracts have no tasks linked to them?
• Which contracts have overdue tasks?
Easy data entry Reduce the time taken to load contract data. Increase the accuracy of data loaded.

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